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Minister of Social Affairs visit CNRPH Yaounde to Monitor renovation work

The working visit of the Minister of Social Affairs to monitor renovation works at the Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Centre for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (CNRPH) Yaounde, took place on Wednesday December 15, 2021.vISITE cnrph

The visit started with the holding of the meeting of the Steering Committee and coordination unit of the renovation the Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Centre for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities. The objective of this meeting was to assess the level of progress of the ongoing going renovation works. Opening remarks were done by the Minister of Social Affairs Mrs. Pauline Irene NGUENE who welcomed the participants and highlighted her expectations for the meeting. This was followed by a presentation by Mr. Soh Rodolphe the Technical Adviser No 2 of the Ministry of Social Affairs on the renovation project, the transformation and modernization that the Centre has to undergo which was accompanied by a video of all details of the renovation work. There were presentations on the level of renovation work progress by CEITIC and DISPRESSO who are the implementing partners of the renovation work.  They highlighted what has been done so far, what needs to be done as well as some challenges like working day and night and even Sundays which is exhausting to the team, issues related to supplies of materials, late start of the renovation work, lack of customs certificate for tax exoneration among others.

Visite CNRPH

This was followed by a discussion session that was centered around the challenges raised as well as some proposed solutions. At the end of the meeting the following recommendations were arrived at;

-              Follow up should be done with the Ministry of Finance so as to get customs certificate soonest.

-              Put in place multiple working teams so that they can be working and permuting for work to progress.

-              Continue working day and night as well as dispositions should be taken so as to ease night work.

-              Bring out a list of all materials that need to be imported.

Visite CNRPH

The Minister of Social Affairs thanked all the members of the Steering Committee and partners and encouraged them to work together for the progress of the renovation work of the Centre. The Minister and the Steering Committee Members went to the construction and renovation site to see the level of progress made. After touring the Center, the Minister and her team were satisfied with the work progress made so far and encouraged the implementing partners and workers on the field to keep working so that work can advance fast especially as the renovation started late.

Visite CNRPH



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