Under Decree No. 2011/408 of 09 December 2011 organizing the Government, the Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS) is responsible for the development and implementation of the Government's policy in terms of prevention, assistance and protection of Socially Vulnerable Persons.

As such, it is responsible for:

  • prevention and treatment of juvenile delinquency and social maladjustment;
  • the fight against social exclusion in conjunction with the ministries concerned;
  • the fight against trafficking in persons, in particular minor children, in conjunction with the Administrations concerned;
  • the protection of people who are victims of physical abuse;
  • monitoring procedures for the protection of children in difficulty in conjunction with the relevant Ministerial Departments;
  • monitoring the protection of persons victims of human trafficking in conjunction with the Administrations concerned;
  • monitoring the elderly and persons with disabilities, in conjunction with the relevant Ministries;
  • monitoring of people affected by the use of narcotics, in conjunction with the administrations concerned;
  • facilitating social reintegration;
  • national solidarity;
  • monitoring the schools that train social workers;
  • animation, supervision and monitoring of institutions contributing to the implementation of the social protection policy.

It liaises between the Government and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in conjunction with the Ministry of External Relations.

It supervises the National Center for the Rehabilitation of Persons with disabilities Cardinal Paul Emile LEGER (CNRPH).

It also exercises technical supervision over child protection and supervision agencies, excluding educational institutions under the ministries responsible for education.



Ministry of Social Affairs, Yaounde, Avenue Marchand, Behind the National Museum P.O BOX 15 868 Cameroon

  • Phone: (+237) 222 222 958 / 222 231 107/ 222 232 483 / 222 230 552
  • E-mail: infos@minas.cm Fax : (+237) 222 231 162


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