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Signing of a partnership agreement between MINAS and the Platform Inclusive Society for Persons with Disabilities.

Within the framework of the protection and promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Platform Inclusive Society for Persons with disabilities signed a partnership agreement on June 8, 2023 in Conference room 1 of the Ministerial Department. 

The objective of this partnership agreement is to ameliorate living conditions of persons with disabilities in Cameroon.

 The Executive President of Platform Inclusive Society for Persons with Disabilities Mrs Emmanuelle TCHOTCHOM,  expressed her gratitude to the Ministry of Social for the fruit collaboration between MINAS and the Platform over the years. This collaboration has yeilded has been impactful not only on the legal framework but also on some new and inclusive approaches to disability in many sectors.

The Minister of Social Affairs Mrs Pauline Irene NGUENE in her speech highlighted progress that has been made so far in terms of legal and institutional framework for the protection of persons with disabilities in Cameroon. The latest development objectives defined in the National Development Strategy 2030 aim at guaranteeing  equitable access to social services for persons with disabilities in the domains of education, health, transport, accessibility to infrastructures, housing and socioprofessional. She underscored the importance of innovative approaches to respond to the needs of persons with disabilities and called on the parties to work in transparency, responsibility, complelentarity and synergy of actions in the implementation of actions of the partnership agreement.






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