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Internally Displaced_Persons_and_Refugees_at_the_center_of_Social_Protection

The National Solidarity and Social Entrepreneurship week (SESES)  that was lunched this January 10, 2023 under the theme

"Stakes and Challenges of social protection in Cameroon" had as second activity, a meeting on the annual evaluation of the implementation of the Psychosocial Support Plan for Internally Displaced persons and Refugees (PAPPDIR).

SESES 2023

The objective of this meeting that was chaired by the Minister of Social Affairs, Mrs Pauline Irene Nguene was to evaluate the implementation of Psychosocial Support Plan for IDPs and Refugees and to present the Practical Guide for Psychosocial care of Internally Displaced Persons and Refugees in Cameroon. Mrs Tchouda Marie Edith, Sub Director of Social Assistance in MINAS presented the annual report where she highlighted the context, objectives, priority affected regions, and statistical data from the field which show high number of IDPs and refugees in the  Far North, East, Ouest, Adamawa and Center Regions.Causes of displacement were featured with some challenges in the implementation of the psychosocial support plan.

SESES 2023

The practical guide for psychosocial care of IDPs and refugees in Cameroon was equally presented with its content and objective amongst which are to furnish orientations and give operational tools to professionals in order to care, accompany and rehabilitate IDPs and refugees in conflict and post-conflict situation as well as to strengthen the competence of personnel to accomplish psychosocial work of protection.


At the end of the meeting it was recommended that the two documents should be handed to the Regional Delegates for appropriation and preparation of new elements to be presented during the annual conference as well as the popularization of these documents to their collaborators on the field for use in their daily work of social protection of IDPs and refugees in Cameroon.


Ministry of Social Affairs, Yaounde, Avenue Marchand, Behind the National Museum P.O BOX 15 868 Cameroon

  • Phone: (+237) 222 222 958 / 222 231 107/ 222 232 483 / 222 230 552
  • E-mail: infos@minas.cm Fax : (+237) 222 231 162


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